General business terms Just Pure GmbH



The company Just Pure GmbH is affiliate and seller. The business terms of the company Just Pure GmbH apply.


Just Pure GmbH, Postfach 1113, D-86983 Lechbruck am See

HRB 6203, AG Kempten (Allgäu)

UST.ID Nr.: DE 129 504 307


I. General

  1. The general business terms herewith brought to the knowledge of the buyer apply for each and every order placed, also with ongoing business contracts even if nothing special is agreed upon with follow-up orders or future orders.
  2. Deviating agreements and conditions are only compulsory if these are individual agreements.
  3. Obscurities and misconceptions with orders not placed in writing are subject to the debit of the buyer. Contrary arrangements and agreements of the seller with persons who are eligible or not eligible offering the seller’s sales program are only effective after written confirmation of the seller, excluding the rights and obligations of the seller’s performing agent.
  4. Should one or more regulations of the delivery contract and/or this term be ineffective or invalid, the validity of the contract or general business terms are unaffected. The seller is authorised to replace ineffective or invalid regulations by a legally effective regulation whose economic success corresponds to the ineffective regulation as far as possible.



II. Offer and prices

  1. Offers of the seller are subject to confirmation, samples non-binding, descriptions and analyses are roughly corresponding. The exact description of the goods accrue to the invoice.
  2. Offers always are to be placed in Euro unless otherwise agreed. Variations in prices, freight and custom regulations that appear during the time of delivery enable the seller to undertake price changes, also after contract formation.
  3. Customs duties and similar charges are subject to the payment by the customer.




  1. The seller can withdraw a firm quotation or rescind from contract if the buyer is in arrears with payment, if credit information is demonstrably dissatisfying or if there is cause for the seller to regard the performance of the contract as doubtful by the purchaser.
  2. Contracts are achieved due to the written confirmation of the seller or with the remittance of the goods. The invoice sent is considered to be order confirmation if such one did not ensue.  
  3. Price changes in respect of products applied by the seller authorise the seller to an appropriate change of the agreed purchase price even after conclusion of contract.
  4. Unless otherwise specified in the individual contract as far, prices are calculated in German currency at list prices valid on the day of delivery plus VAT ex warehouse FRG.
  5. With regards to purchase contracts with end customers and non traders that are supposed to be fulfilled within four months time, the purchaser is bound to the agreed prices in the contract.


III. Order acceptance / delivery time

  1. It solely involves natural products produced from selected raw materials. Therefore we can unfortunately not give a guarantee of delivery.
  2. The purchaser is bound to his order for three weeks at the longest as a general rule. This is not effective if the delivery is defeated by force majeure, by the fault of the buyer or by circumstances that are unrepresented by the seller.
  3. Compensation claims due to delayed or omitted delivery are impossible.


IV. Delivery / shipment

  1. The shipping of the goods are subject to the expense and risk of the purchaser, also with goods delivered free. Delivery fees can be found with the respective product description.
  2. Damage in transit and loss of transport are to be announced directly and immediately to the transport carriers who perform the transport by the purchaser.





V. Warranty

  1. It solely involves natural goods at the offered commodities. They are subject to natural changes like for example changes in colour that do not affect the product neither the function thereof nor its tolerance and therefore do not outline a claim. The same holds true for partial composition of products which can slightly differ each time.


  1. Cosmetic products are subject to strict hygienic standards. Opened goods can only be claimed due to deficiencies of the product itself. Therefore there is no right of revocation at already opened articles.


  1. Complaints are to be registered with JUST PURE GmbH in writing (in letter form, via telefax or via e-mail) within a period of max. 7 days after receipt of goods (date of customer’s signature on transportation receipt).



  1. A possible return/ local freight pick up is subject to agreement.


  1. Goods that have been sent back without agreement of JUST PURE GmbH will not be accepted. This also applies for any freight that was sent back “freight forward”.



VI. Liabilty

  1. The liability for an act of ordinary negligence of the seller is confined to violation of fundamental contractual obligations (i.e. contractual performance that ensures proper and trustful consummation of the contract for the customer in the first place) and forasmuch only restricted to predictable damages typical to the contract.
  2. Liabiltiy for both malice and wilful negligence has no effect on the stipulation as aforesaid as well as liability for guaranteed quality features, harm of life, body or health and product liability law.
  3. liability for our statutory representatives, employees and any other salges agents the terms aforesaid apply.







VII. Right of withdrawal
For consumers applies the right of withdrawal.

VIII. Terms of payment
Payment transaction is to be made via credit card or advanced bank wire transfer.

IX- Reservation of title
The property in the goods delivered remains with the seller until the act of payment for all accounts payable including delivery is completely fulfilled.

X. Place of performance / Jurisdiction
Place of performance deliveries is the respective place of dispatch. Place of jurisdiction is Munich, Germany.

XI. Applicable law
The legal relationship of the contracting parties is subject to German Federal law.

XII. Privacy policy
This website is operated by Just Pure GmbH i.L.. The safety of  personal data is crucial. We use these within the context of statutory regulations, i.e. for the conclusion of the contract or to inform you via e-mail about our goods and services that are similar to your ordered goods or services.



Retrieved June 2014