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Dear Just Pure customers,

with a new year there is often a new beginning for things that you have always wanted to do and that have not let go of you over the years...especially the difficult time with Corona has made many of us think and the desire to do something serious change, make it louder.

In my case, the time has come - I have decided to permanently close our online shop on April 18th, 2022, to open a new chapter with the JUST PURE brand and to go to Italy! There I would like to spend time in beautiful Piedmont and open a small, restored borgo with an exclusive spa guest house with 4 suites - on a hill in the middle of the "Alta Langa" wine region.

A part of the JUST PURE range will then only be available in a "limited edition" there, for the "Casa Sole" guest house and its guests.

Therefore, our online business via www.justpure.de will be closed on Easter Monday, April 18th, 2022 at midnight - last deliveries will then take place on Tuesday, April 19th, 2022.

And here are the facts you need to know: - Purchasing via our online portal is only possible until April 18th, 2022, after that we will keep you online via www.justpure.de only about all news - the JUST PURE guest house "CASA SOLE" - up to date -

All products are only available while stocks last!

My personal tip: stock up a little, because our most popular products sell out quickly and new productions are not planned at the moment! - our exclusive spa guest house "CASA SOLE" in Piedmont can then be booked from October 1st, 2022 (just in time for the truffle season) for a maximum of 8 people - we will accept reservations (only for the entire house) from July 1st, 2022 - more information soon in the newsletter

I would be very happy to see you again maybe in Piedmont - alta Langa - with a good glass of wine

I would like to thank you for your trust and the many years of wonderful cooperation with you and I send my very best wishes for the future. Stay healthy, stay in good spirits and... if possible live your dream ❤️

Yours G. Just

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